This is the information the mainstream media chooses to either ignore or momentarily cover in-between talking about the Kardashians and some other irrelevant topic, making it seem meaningless.

Whilst the numbers below show people killed in particular operations, please note that this is the very low end of the scale of confirmed deaths and the total deaths from the full length of these criminal wars is far greater, with millions more displaced and country’s infrastructure completely and utterly destroyed.

Looking at the numbers, clearly 9/11 was not the greatest terrorist attack (false flag) to take place in modern times, with many more innocent civilians losing their lives to the brute force of the US and NATO war machine, in wars that we now know were based on a combination of lies and false intelligence.

The people killed are humans like you or I, with names, with families, with history…they are not ‘collateral damage’ to be written off on some ledger by a coward in Washington.

Lest we forget the real victims of war, innocent people.

Collateral damage United States and NATO civilian deaths