The Global Times, an official mouthpiece for China’s ruling Communist Party, has slammed the G7 for engaging in “authoritarian rule” and sidelining the importance of major developing countries.

The leaders of the Group of Seven industrialized countries are currently meeting at the luxury Elmau Castle in Schloss Elmau, Germany.

The Global Times editorial asserted that the myriad of problems facing the world today, “requires increasing participation of developing countries instead of G7 authoritarian rule,” adding that the G7’s “own capabilities are being eclipsed” due to increasing disunity amongst the countries involved, particularly with regard to the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

G7 leaders 2015

Charging that the G7 has “dwindling influence,” the piece noted how European countries were reluctant to be too critical of China over the South China Sea situation, which has already been raised by Japan, due fears over antagonizing Beijing.

G7 leaders expressed “strong opposition” to China’s militarization of the disputed islands, calling on Beijing to, “clarify the basis of its territorial claims based on international law, not the threat or use of force and coercion.”

While the G7 summit of leaders is mainly a circus show for the figureheads of global politics, the real consensus will be set at this week’s Bilderberg Group meeting, which is taking place 50km away just across the Austrian border.

The relationship between the two different confabs was noted by the Irish Times today, which reported that the “high-security Alpine spectacular” will continue at Bilderberg when the G7 concludes.

The full list of Bilderberg 2015 participants has now been released, along with the list of topics that will be discussed by the elitist group. As ever, the list of topics is so vague as to be almost meaningless, but Infowars will have more details on the actual agenda being discussed over the next few days.