A recently declassified document obtained by the ACLU shows that, even though the director of the Central Intelligence Agency is not and has never been a medical doctor, during the agency’s torture campaign the director had power to “approve, modify, or disapprove all proposals pertaining to human subject research.”

The agency clearly has protocols in place regarding human experimentation. Those rules, regarding things like “informed consent” of parties to be experimented on, were explicit.

Those rules were broken.

CIA torture report

Via The Independent:

CIA regulations require informed consent from subjects before any human experimentation can occur.

“The CIA shall not sponsor, contract for, or conduct research on human subjects except in accordance with guidelines issued by the Department of Health and Human Services,” the agency’s regulations read.

“The subject’s informed consent shall be documented as required by those guidelines.”

…“Crime one was torture. The second crime was research without consent in order to say it wasn’t torture,” Nathaniel Raymond, a former war-crimes investigator with Physicians for Human Rights and now a Harvard researcher, told The Guardian.

But maybe we should all take a moment and ask ourselves why is the CIA, what we are told is an intelligence gathering operation, claims it was doing “human subject research” in the first place?

Is it really all a semantics game to get around the word “torture,” or was (is) something a lot darker going on?

After all, all this agency seems to do is lie about practically everything.

The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee found that the CIA already lied about the fact that this torture/human experimentation helped gather life-saving intelligence (it did not). Current CIA Director John Brennan even lied about the agency not hacking the intelligence committee’s computers while it was compiling that report (it did).

This is the CIA we’re talking about here! By the way, last time they were involved in a widescale human experimentation campaign it was called Project MKUltra, it spanned decades, it involved mind control and creating government assassins via widespread experimentation on the American people without hardly anyone’s consent, and when information on it was set to come forward in congressional testimony, the director ordered thousands of pages of documents to be shredded to hide the truth from everyone.

So why would anyone trust anything this agency says or does?

No one even knows who this agency is accountable to anymore. Apparently they aren’t even accountable to their own rules and regulations…