In a sense, few things can recommend a college or university better than a fabulous company that came from its start-up funds and was operated by its alumnae.

It is a powerful recommendation; it is also a program increasingly popular among leading schools. Colleges and universities are now a viable source of start up funds, and particularly for firms connected to the institutions. It is not a novel idea, and it is more of a re-packaging.

Many leading research universities have traditionally caused new businesses. Some have sponsored new industries through major advances in the sciences, materials, and manufacturing processes. Federal research money is a vital part of the educational budget on a national scale. The recent growth of small businesses, micro businesses and other forms of small-scale entrepreneurship

Colleges Universities fund start up

Small Business Forms

Micro businesses are often a merger of a leading entrepreneur’s business and personal financial life. Most micro businesses are proprietorships with one principal owner-employee. The typical models include those with family member assistance such as husband and wife teams. The simple business accounting software is also the best personal finance software for these situations.

Many micro business principals forget an important rule of business; it is wise to pay oneself first. A micro business is a great opportunity to take advantage of new health insurance laws, traditional individual retirement accounts, Roth retirement accounts, and social security programs. The enterprise accounting software can provide these benefits just as it would for other employees in a more complex business structure. Invoicing software offers significant advantages over manual processing.

Timely payments are critical for many small businesses. Customizable accounting software ensures higher levels of prompt payment, and it gathers information to enable receivables financing. With advanced software, invoice management can be automated and appear with company logos. Using online payment methods, well-designed programs like Sage One can enable safe and secure payment within an E-mail invoice.

Colleges and Universities Have Funds

Many colleges enjoy support from successful alumnae. Not only from the famous leaders of industry like Bill Gates but people one never hears about who nonetheless quietly amass fortunes as business owners industrialists, investors, and many other ways. Universities also have facilities and programs that develop entrepreneurship and inspire business achievement.

Beyond degrees and institutes, these organizations gain prestige by associating with local developments too. The funded enterprise need not be a technology business. For example, a trendy restaurant that excites the media with new cuisines provides helpful public relations when started and funded with recent graduates.

Academic Inspiration

Many institutions encourage undergraduate and graduate students to develop business concepts as part of academic curricula. For a student attempting to use personal resources, business accounting software performs the necessary work of marshaling personal resources. The best personal finance software is the accounting program for the student start-up business. Online software offers tremendous advantages for full-time access to software functions and data. The software is useful for creating reports and data presentations to advance prospects for funding.

Benefits for Institutions

Higher educational institutions have particular interest in promoting discovery and innovation based upon their past and current research efforts. Commercialization is often an important spinoff of academic research. High rates of innovation and business development improve public perceptions of academic research and the sponsoring institutions. In addition, licensing proprietary processes can generate revenue streams for colleges and universities.

University Sponsored CrowdFunding and Kickstarter

Hosting a funding website is one effective way of promoting the business efforts of graduates and students. Business accounting software provides many tools needed to compete for funds successfully from angel investors and other sources roughly affiliated with colleges and universities.

With long lists of accomplished alumnae and local regional or even national presence, leading universities and colleges are ideally suited to attract investors. When presenting and competing for funds in these environments, applicants need a combination of powerful business tools and the best personal finance software.

Higher Education At Crossroads

The debate in many parts of the world will revolve around the rising costs of higher education in a world increasingly connected and dominated by Internet and Information Technology. Prospective students can evaluate the costs and benefits of education with opportunities for entrepreneurship.

As the numbers of persons connected to the Internet rises above five billion, markets that seem minuscule begin to take on an enormous potential. A ten cent profit from sales to one billion customers is a remarkable amount of profit. Similarly, a one cent donation from one billion people could fund a significant enterprise.

Schools, colleges, and universities have already begun to incorporate entrepreneurship to attract greater numbers of young people. Funding start-ups and sponsoring funding websites helps connect education to real-world achievement in the Internet Age. Schools teach the use of the Internet and cloud-based systems like business accounting and the best personal finance software tools. These building blocks will provide an excellent knowledge base for a new generation of Web-savvy, college trained entrepreneurs

Leading by Example

Some colleges have developed strong centers for entrepreneurship that include funding opportunities. When leading by example, these leading internationally known institutions meet the challenges of a new business formation head-on. They lead not only in the classroom and academic settings, but in active participation in developing businesses concept into thriving businesses. Experts have cited The Polsky Center at the University of Chicago as an example of effective academic leadership in entrepreneurship. This model includes facilities for micro loans and start-up funding for student projects.

Start-Ups Blend Personal and Business Financing

When selecting a business and personal finance software, the Sage One website offers options that are ideal for small businesses and start-ups. One can perform a customized demonstration on a company website at The inventory management and accounting software options work exceptionally well for small businesses and can expand with the business’ growth to accommodate more complex organizational structures.