It is important to acknowledge REAL WEALTH can only be generated from the production of consumer products and services that make people’s lives more comfortable.

The idea that FINANCIAL speculation generates real profits, is a bankster’s deceit to go along with the fraudulent narrative we have been brainwashed to adopt as our own, and is costing us dearly while we use Fractional Reserve Banking.

This corrupt monetary system creating Debt-Based Money is the foundation for the Financial CABAL to feed their income and empire, using DEBT to force “elected” politicians to serve the interests of the Financial CABAL. Their problem is that Putin already understand this crime and has reduce Russia’s debt and the CABAL has no impact over Russia.
This is the NWO Hill is talking about when criticising Putin and Russia after the end of the Soviet Union.

It is NO SURPRISE that China who today manufactures many of the consumer products the world consumes, has an almost 4 trillion dollar equivalent of monetary reserves, while the US and Britain who have Financelized their economies have DEBTS.

Germany also has an emphasis on PRODUCTION of products the world wants to purchase because of their quality and design, and sees the US misuse of the Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 as merely punching keys in a computer to “create” money they later exchange for REAL products manufactured by foreigners.
The END OF US DOLLAR as a reserve currency is bringing this macabre US game to an end, and will force the United States to actually work for their trade with other countries. In other words, the US will have to WORK to produce its wealth, not merely punch numbers in a computer to “create” digital false money.

This is why Germany is thinking to ally itself with the New NWO with the BRICS.