Everyone knows that FIFA is corrupt, but why are they being investigated now and why from the United States of all places? The country where political, corporate and banking corruption is just part of doing business.

Whilst on one level it’s good to see FIFA finally taken to the woodshed over their years of corruption, but when we dig a little deeper a political agenda emerges.

Prince Ali of Jordan is tipped to replace recently resigned Sepp Blatter as FIFA President, as FIFA’s top level experiences a clean out amidst the scandal, but that’s not the only changes in the works.

The US is now being talked about as being the alternative host of the 2018 World Cup should Russia lose the rights to host the event. With England seeking to host the 2022 World Cup instead of Qatar.

Sepp Blatter Putin World Cup Russia

Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

It’s clear that the US and NATO see Russia as a rising threat to their global dominance and are looking to provoke a war. However they can’t have a war with Russia if all eyes are on the country in 2018 for football’s biggest event.

Only last week Russian jets had to intercept a US warship in the Black Sea. Which begs the question of why the US is even in the Black Sea let alone their 800 military bases all around the world. Imagine the outrage from our politicians and media is Russia or Iran had warships on our coastline and were building military bases on our border. Somehow it’s considered ok when the US or NATO does it.

US warship Black Sea Russian jet

Image of the Russian jet warning off a US warship in the Black Sea.

Empire building seems to have not ended with the Roman Empire, which went bankrupt due to their military adventures. Much like present day United States who is completely insolvent and is likely to lose the role of having the world’s reserve currency in the next few years as China and the other BRICS nations (which includes Russia) seek to setup their own monetary system independent of the tyrannical IMF and World Bank.

Why is the US busy investigating FIFA and the media making a big deal out of it when in the same week the 6 largest banks in the world were found guilty of rigging currency and commodity markets. Did any of them go to jail? What it front page news for day? No, they got away with a slap on the wrist fine of $5.8b combined between them and got to keep the money they stole.

It would be the equivalent of you stealing $1,000,000 from a bank, getting caught, paying a $500 fine and being allowed to walk free and keep the rest of the money you stole.

Of course banking crimes on this scale that affect everyone on the planet and literally impoverish people and nations is not news worthy for the corporate mainstream media. No wonder their viewership is plummeting in all metrics.

The media that was trying to scare us from going to Russia for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics because of ‘toothpaste bombs’ and endless reporting on the toilets.

Black Sea map Russia Ukraine

Pushing for war: US putting warships in the Black Sea near Russia’s shores.

The same media that keeps telling us Putin himself shot down flight MH17 but won’t ask or answer simple questions like “why was MH17 redirected over a no fly war zone?” and “why won’t Ukraine release the air traffic control tapes of who redirected the plane?”.

And why do they keep telling us that Russia is at war with Ukraine but leave of the facts that George Soros, the IMF and the US State Department overthrew the democratically elected Ukrainian government and installed their puppets, all confirmed with documents and emails. However the truth does not fit the mainstream narrative of ‘evil Putin’.

The guy who basically stopped WW3 from starting based on lies and a chemical false flag attack in Syria. Maybe they hate him because he kicked out the Rothschild bankers or because Russia has banned toxic GMO food, of which Ukraine received soon after the US backed overthrow of their government, or maybe even because Russia along with other countries like Iran are ditching the dollar in international trade. When Saddam Hussein ditched the dollar for the Euro for oil or Libya’s Gaddafi tried to ditch the dollar for the African gold dinar, both were taken out.

Speaking of the ‘evil dictator’ Putin, the man with an approval rating of 86% has his government labelled as a tyrannical regime. However let’s see how it compares to western governments:

– Obama’s approval rating is currently 47%.
– Tony Abbott of Australis is at 48%.
– David Cameron won this year’s election with 36.1% of the vote.
– US congress at 19% form their low of 9% last year.

That’s over 80% of the public who do not support the US congress!

Speaking of dictator’s and out of favour rulers, the Queen gave a speech last week talking about the broken society, whilst wearing her crown full diamonds.

Queen Elizabeth speech 2015

Perhaps a thorough investigation is needed into her stolen treasures, whether she really needs tax payer funded welfare to support her family’s lavish lifestyle or take a look at her sons, Prince Charles and Prince Andrew‘s, connections to major pedophiles.

But it’s not unlike the US to pick and choose what they investigate. For example, $30 million was spent investigating Monica Lewinsky but only $15 million for 9/11.

Why was so little money spent investigating 9/11 when the after math has seen millions of innocent people dead, countries and infrastructure destroyed, a global police state, military campaigns in multiple nations all costing trillions and trillions of dollars and millions of lives. Apparently not worth investigating properly.

Even members of US congress including 2016 Presidential hopeful Rand Paul is looking to have 28 pages that have been hidden regarding 9/11 to be released. Of which it implies Saudi Arabia were behind the attacks and not Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or any other nation now destroyed thanks to US military invasions.

Not to be outdone, RT, increasingly popular English speaking Russian media has been reporting on 9/11 being an inside job, not once but many times including WTC b7. A 47 storey building that went into free fall collapse defying the laws of physics and had no plane hit it. The 9/11 commission didn’t even include it in the original report, why?

For the record we do not support Russia or any government, this is simply the facts the mainstream media will not show you.

The fact it, the United States will put more effort into investigating FIFA and Russia’s 2018 World Cup bid than they looked into events like 9/11 or the banking crimes in the trillions of dollars.

Prepare yourself for more anti-Russian propaganda in the coming months coming from the mainstream media and politicians.