In today’s era online gambling allows people to make money on the run and where ever they may be.

This has resulted in the online gambling industry growing to a multibillion dollar behemoth.

There are few industries that have such a broad global reach like online gambling.

The forecasts for the industry are also staggering. The global gambling market is tipped to reach $56 billion USD by 2018.

That’s huge!

The latest trends in gambling are definitely online. However traditional methods of speculating are alive and well. Whether it’s on the stock market or on sports, it seems that the risk, thrill and potential reward is somehow hardwired into us or it meets our needs on multiple levels.

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Sports fantasy betting is growing and is across multiple sports. It links together the gambling aspect, the unpredictability and also allows for socialising.

Mobile gambling is another hot trends as people are able to place bets on the run and also anywhere in the world in almost live time. Expect this to only increase as technology is the driving force allowing for the change.

The use of crypto currencies or virtual currencies in gaming houses is also on the rise. As people become accustomed to digital currency we expect this trend to continue.

As countries struggle to gather money to fund themselves we expect laws surrounding gambling to loosen provided the government is able to take their cut. This is the situation for Brazil at the moment.

So expect entrepreneurs and state bodies alike to seek ways to profit from this trend going forward.

On an individual level we’ve all heard of that one person who made a fortune by buying a lotto ticket and winning big. Well here’s the secret, you have to be in it to win it.

In what is everyones dream, to win the lottery. That dream can become a reality for those that follow the 49s main draw online.

Should people’s numbers come up they could be that person that everyone talks about.

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Today you can also bet on a whole host of events including horse racing, football, basketball, tennis, boxing, UFC, cycling, baseball to name a few…even on the outcome of political elections!

What’s more is that people do it from the comfort of their own homes or even place a bet through an app on their phone in seconds.

Some people find online gambling a lucrative adventure, to most it’s just a bit of fun that can result in great reward but does contain risk.

Either way it appears that betting and gambling will be around for some time to come and likely to expand through the use of modern technology.

The gambling industry will be one to watch in the months and years ahead, stay tuned.