Introducing Smart DNS Proxy

You want to watch your favorite shows and movies while you are traveling.  The DNS Proxy system is the tool you need to watch Netflix and other streaming content.  The proxy system is great tool to make sure that you can get a hold of great programming, with the solid sound and picture quality you want.  If people had been able to watch The Sopranos on this technology back in the day, fans of the show would still be raving about it.  Even today, you can watch re-run episodes of the Sopranos on this technology, and you will hear many young people raving about it.  Life is all about options, and the DNS proxy system gives you options.

Support for Multiple Devices

The US proxy system is all about multiple device usage; a PS4 is a great way to use the DNS proxy system.  Music lovers can use this proxy system to use Spotify on their PS4.  Many people are going to talk about how easy it to access the WWE Network with their DNS Proxy Systems.  Wrestling fans love to see old matches between Ricky Steamboat and Jimmy Snuka in the highest possible quality.  Being able to watch a great wrestling match on your Android device is a wonderful feeling.  People rave about the ease at which you are able to watch content via on this terrific device.  The technology is about connecting the world as well.

Smart DNS proxy

It is about leadership and cutting edge technology when it comes to digital viewing systems.  You want to make sure that you are able to use this proxy on a traditional television; our technology makes it easy.  The truth of the matter is that this may be the best way to watch Golden Girls re-runs via the Hallmark channel on your iPhone.  The truth is that even though the ladies on that show seem old fashioned, the DNS Proxy system with that cutting edge technology is the best way to acquire their pearls of wisdom.

Live Sports and More

Sports fans want total access to ESPN.  San Francisco Giants fans definitely want to watch their games on national television as the Giants make another run at the World Series.  Are you into music?  You can use the Pandora music service with the DNS Proxy System.  Social media is a great way to branch out; your ISP could be blocking you from Twitter and Facebook on a regular basis.  YouTube is all about freedom as well, and this proxy system allows you to watch any video you choose.  Are you ready to use the internet fully again?  Your ISP can control your access to certain websites; the DNS Proxy System can help maintain your freedom.

Customer Service

Our customer service team is glad to help you set things up and make sure that you can use this visionary technology to the fullest extent possible.  Movie buffs out there will be glad to know that this technology unblocks Turner Classic Movies, for example.  Start a free trial with our service today and you will be watching the content you choose today.