Independent political analyst, Gearoid O Colmain, has just blown the lid on the whole ‘war on terror‘ and why the Paris attacks occurred.

The mainstream media has been hiding the fact that ISIS is a western backed creation which Colmain mentions in the video below.

Whilst everyone is mourning for the tragic events in Paris and the media is giving it 24hr coverage, with even Facebook and Youtube pushing it through their channels. Where was the outrage and media support when terrorists, backed by the west including the French government, killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Syria, Iraq and Libya?

The attacks in France are now being used as an excuse to go to war in Syria.

Now that funding ISIS to take down the Syrian government (Assad) has failed for the global establishment, they are twisting the narrative to pretend they are now concerned with destroying ISIS, the same people they have been funding, training and arming for the last few years.

Russia was able to decimate ISIS in days, whilst under at least 4 years of US and NATO oversight ISIS grew stronger by the day.

In fact, the United States just air dropped 50 tonnes of ammunition to ISIS linked groups in Syria.

Where is the media outcry?

The hypocrisy from our media, politicians and fellow citizens is not lost.

However, the awakening is happening.

Especially if this recent interview on RT is anything to go by that has gone viral on the internet: