Mega and Kim Dotcom have had a rough time of it, with complex ongoing legal battles that have sapped his few remaining funds.

Part of the problem is that US holds all his money and assets and are doing their best to keep it all for themselves.

In a ruling from late February, the Virginia Federal Court has found that Kim Dotcom is not entitled to fight to get his assets back because he is a “fugitive”. It’s a particularly troubling claim, because it means the US can seize money and assets in other countries and not give them back.

Part of the problem is the potential extradition of Kim to the US from New Zealand – the Judge in the case has said that anyone who declines to enter the United States can be considered a fugitive. Considering that Mr Dotcom has actually offered to come to the US and defend himself, if they will just give him his money so he can mount an effective defense.

Mega has also recently faced trouble with Paypal cancelling the services account. The excuse is that the security is too good, and Paypal doesn’t know what sort of files people are storing on Mega. Kim Dotcom isn’t letting it all get him down though, with talk of bringing his political party to the US this year and starting his own internet.

Kim Dotcom fugitive