Disgraced peer Lord Sewel will not be prosecuted after Scotland Yard said today a video showing him apparently snorting cocaine with two sex workers was ‘insufficient evidence’.

The 69-year-old quit the House of Lords and apologised for the ‘pain and embarrassment’ he caused his humiliated family when the footage emerged in July.

In the film he used a £5 note to snort a powder he referred to as ‘coca cola’ – a name sometimes used for cocaine – from a table and a prostitute’s breasts.

But this afternoon Metropolitan Police said there was ‘insufficient evidence to proceed’ with its investigation and ‘the matter is now closed’.

A spokesman said: ‘The Metropolitan Police Service launched a criminal investigation into allegations of drug-related offences involving a member of the House of Lords on Monday July 27.

‘The investigation, led by officers from the Special Enquiry Team of the Homicide and Major Crime Command, has now concluded.

‘Following a review of all the material, including a forensic examination of an address in central London, there is insufficient evidence to proceed with this investigation and the matter is now closed’.

House of Lords deputy speaker Lord Sewel caught on camera with hookers and snorting cocaine.

Lord Sewel’s reputation was left in tatters after a video emerged of him cavorting with two sex workers in his central London flat, behind the back of his third wife Lady Jennifer.

The married father of four was filmed necking champagne and vodka before using a £5 note to snort lines of cocaine from a table and later from the breasts of a sex worker 45 years his junior.

Scotland Yard drugs squad with sniffer dogs raided the London flat where he held his sex and drugs parties.

They searched the flat for three hours and left carrying several bags of evidence as part of their investigation.

Sewel fled the property in Pimlico’s Dolphin Square development after The Sun sting and has not been seen in public since.

He later quit his £84,500-a-year role as deputy speaker of the Lords and chairman of the Lords Privileges and Conduct Committee in the wake of the scandal – but had refused to leave the Lords completely until days later.

Lord Sewel snorting cocaine prostitutes

The disgraced peer caved in to pressure and resigned his peerage saying: ‘I can best serve the House by leaving it’.

He added: ‘I hope my decision will limit and help repair the damage I have done to an institution I hold dear. Finally, I want to apologise for the pain and embarrassment I have caused.’

According to The Sun, the peer, who claimed more than £403,000 in expenses between 2001 and 2010, was caught on camera snorting three lines of cocaine in three-quarters of an hour.

Baron Sewel was also caught saying he wanted an Asian prostitute to join them, adding: ‘They sort of look innocent but you know they’re whores. That’s a really nice combination isn’t it?

He even invited the women to have dinner with him at the House of Lords ahead of another orgy they arranged for September 8.

The party took place in late July at his flat in Dolphin Square, the apartment complex a short walk from Westminster and notorious for a string of parliamentary scandals.

In between snorting lines of white powder, he is heard complaining that he struggles to afford the £1,000 a month rent on the flat.

The peer is asked whether he receives expenses, and explains that he now gets a flat-rate allowance of £200 a day.

‘It’s all changed and disappeared. People were making false claims,’ he said.

‘Members of her Lordship’s House who are right thieves, rogues and b*****ds at times. Wonderful people that they are.’

He apparently paid one for the night with a cheque for £200, dated July 22.

Lord Sewel also turned on Britain’s top politicians after his allleged cocaine-fuelled session with £200-a-night prostitutes.

Lord Sewel snorting cocaine

Lord Sewel caught on camera snorting cocaine.

The disgraced peer was filmed drinking vodka as he told the sex workers that David Cameron is branded ‘the most facile, superficial Prime Minister there’s ever been’.

He added: ‘He just shoots from the hip. He is false. He makes one-off commitments and cannot deliver’.

A bottle of what appears to be vodka sits on the table while Lord Sewel drinks from a glass at various points during his conversation with the women.

He labels Mayor of London Boris Johnson ‘a joke’ and a ‘public school upper class twit’.

He said: ‘Can you present Boris Johnson in Preston, in Burnley, in Manchester? No, they just think he’s an a******’.

Asked by one of the women, whose voice is disguised, about former Labour prime minister Tony Blair’s decision to go to war in Iraq, Lord Sewel says the ex-party leader did so ‘because he fell in love with George Bush’.

The newspaper also reports that Lord Sewel said the Labour leadership race is ‘in a f****** mess’.

He called the new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ‘a romantic idiot’, the paper said, adding: ‘This guy is in favour of immigration, high welfare spending. He’s a typical romantic idiot. Useless’.

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