Editor’s note: if you never heard of ayahuasca (active ingredient: DMT) you really can’t even imagine what a life altering experience it is. This is definitely something you want to be putting on the top of your bucket list, as it’s likely your life will change somewhat afterwards, for the better.

Ayahuasca has been used by native people of the Amazon for thousands of years for spiritual growth and enhancement. Words simply cannot describe the experience.

Even Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World and teacher of George Orwell, wrote how such a spiritual and consciousness experience induced by psychedelic plants could enlighten society and set people free.

Lindsay Lohan ayahuasca

Lindsay Lohan has revealed liquid drug ayahuasca “changed her life”, as she opens up about completing her probation at last, and her methods of relieving stress.

The actress recently completed her community service after eight years of legal battles over a series of offences, and being a free woman, she’s keen on turning her life around.

The star’s new loves are now meditation, ayahuasca and whole-body cryotherapy.

Speaking out about finally finishing her probation, Lindsay told the Sunday Times Style magazine: “I don’t think anyone thought I would finish it, that’s why I’m happy.”

Her community service involved her working in a New York shelter with LGBT kids, ending up working 12 hour shifts to ensure it was completed by the court date.

And given the stress she’s undoubtedly been through recently, the flame-haired beauty has a few methods of relieving it.

Opening up about the new-age drugs she’s tried, Lindsay said: “I did ayahuasca, it changed my life.”

On it, the star reportedly went to a shaman and in a hallucination that followed, apparently saw her own birth and death.

And Lindsay admitted it helped her let go of the “wreckage of my past”.

Now however the Parent Trap actress focuses on cryotherapy healing – a process where you stand in a chamber filled with liquid nitrogen for up to four minutes to help relieve stress.

“I did it almost every single day in New York,” she admitted. “I got up to -256 degrees Fahrenheit for four minutes.”

The star has a number of films under her belt, but while she comes to terms with a free future, she’s focusing on time away with her new Italian boyfriend and starting again.

Lindsay went on to admit she’s never been to the Golden Globes or the Oscars, and asked why, she admitted: “I don’t want to go unless I’m winning. I don’t want to present, all due respect.”

Musician Sting describing his ayahuasca experience: