The Western media continues to point the finger at Russia, blaming Moscow for fueling the refugee crisis.

This time it’s CNN that tried to spin off a story, creating false reports and accusing Russia of causing the refugee crisis in Europe.

We’ll give you points, CNN, for trying to James Bond your story — and as every self-respecting US media outlet knows, there is no story without some evil Russians involved — but this is bordering on ridiculous.

“A Russian-made armored vehicle was spotted on the move inside Syria,” the CNN report said. Wow, get a grip CNN. Countries sell arms to each other all the time. Syria, just like many other countries, buys arms from Russia. It’s no secret. So next time US satellites spot Congolese rebels wielding Russian-made AK rifles, they better keep an eye out in the bushes, just in case Russian troops are there crouching and waiting pounce.


“US satellites have observed at least three Russian Antonov aircraft, unloading building supplies and air traffic control equipment, and another Russian aircraft bringing in personnel,” CNN continued. Aha! Looks like the Russian troops are indeed in Syria, right CNN?

Wrong. Turns out Russia and Syria have a longstanding relationship. Russia has always supplied equipment to the Syrian government and continues to do so in their present struggle against terrorism. It has never been a secret. This is akin to the United States and European countries providing arms and equipment to their allies around the world.

In fact, it’s nothing new. Why doesn’t the media freak out about the US arms contract with Israel that amounted to $1.9 billion just this summer, arms deliveries to Persian Gulf countries or Washington’s arming of so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels, many of whom ended up joining ISIL. But of course, the Western media has to cherry pick its facts, labeling Russia the “bad guy.”

It was the West that caused the Syrian conflict by arming various shades of Syrian militants and instigating them to fight against the legitimately elected government of Bashar al-Assad. Once again, the US government tried to save Syria from Syrians, just as it had “successfully” saved Iraq from Iraqis and Vietnam from the Vietnamese.

And now that Washington’s actions have backfired, causing a full-scale civil war in Syria and resulting in the expansion of ISIL, the US government is trying to blame Russia. Yes, the good old “Blame Russia” card, always hidden under the sleeve of US politicians, is in use again.

Meanwhile, Russia has always wanted to end the Syrian conflict. Moscow supported the official Syrian government and warned Western countries against arming Syrian rebels, however “moderate” the US government thought they might be. During al-Assad’s presidency before the start of the Syrian conflict, instigated by the West, there were no refugees in Syria.

Just for the record, CNN: Syria didn’t have almost the half of its population turned into refugees before the start of the Syrian war that happened as a result of Western intervention. The mainstream US media doesn’t seem to get this simple fact, or perhaps simply doesn’t want to admit to it.