MGGW 1 (2)What people on the forum said about Part One of the Married Guy’s Guide to Wife.

@Reborn – I just watched it. Awesome!

@FrustratedMan – This series makes the map books make so much more sense.

@BourneAgain – It’s been less than a week since I started listening to the audio from Part 1 in the (almost) daily commute in my work van…..and I swear as a result I’ve already started fundamentally changing my interactions with my wife. Awesome stuff. Thank you.

@Husband2point1 – I dunno about anyone else, but that Chain of Seduction, including the explanation of the iterative nature of that process was especially helpful too. The idea that she’s passively iteratively scanning me across all six categories is insightful.

@AlphaZulu – I just bought the first series and started watching. Very straightforward and easy to understand. (Where were you when I was 16 ?!?)
I’m really looking forward to the segments coming in the next few months. The Primer got me through all the basics and the topics of the future videos are more in line with what I need to work on now. Consider me pre-sold!

@ctruppi – Found your site recently and have read your books and now watched the 1st 3 vids. Great job!

@GiveMePeace – Great Job on the video series! I rented the first few so far and even though I am already familiar with your work, it is a nice tune up. The Seduction Chain- really brilliant how different aspects can be paired together which makes it easier to tackle. I love your work and will support at every step of the way as you continue to grow.

@AlphaBelle – I feel like I hear something new in every episode. Even after more than a year of coaching and being on the forum since 2012, there is SO MUCH in these videos that hits me like a lightbulb moment.

I love that people can see what it’s like to be in coaching, too. Proof that all geniuses are not boring and/or intimidating.

@Crashaxe – I love the videos!!

@HildaCorners – I keep getting new epiphanies … each time I read/watch Athol’s work I understand relationships more and more. I originally came to MMSL trying to understand why my previous 127* marriages went wrong. My first 15 minutes on the site were like seeing the dawn breaking with a chorus of angels. Everything made sense … the videos had the same effect. I can’t wait for the rest of the series.


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