One month ago, after a farcial year-long campaign to “destroy” ISIS, which achieved absolutely nothing but made the Islamic State grow bigger and stronger, culminating with the numerous terrorist attacks in the month of November, former CIA deputy director Michael Morell told Charlie Rose on PBS that the reason the US had never actually gone after the lifeblood of the ISIS regime, its oil supply chain, infrastructure and products, was because “we didn’t want to do environmental damage, and we didn’t want to destroy that infrastructure.”

In other words, the threat of a CO2 emissions spike from bombarding a convoy of ISIS oil tanker trucks far outweighs the millions of dollars in funds it would bring and fund the teaching of hundreds of new terrorists how to blow themselves up in the middle of Paris.

As to not “wanting” to destroy that infrastructure, one wonders why: was it because a down payment had been made by the “president” of NATO-member Turkey?

Luckily as the clip below shows, the Russian military, which has had dramatic success in taking out not only the front end of ISIS (such as today’s elimination of the top “rebel leader” Zahran Alloush), but the all too critical back “infrastructure” end, has no such qualms.

So much success, in fact, that the “terrorists”, as the Russian Ministry of Defense bluntly calls them, have been forced to deploy new oil trafficking routes to escape the Russian airstrikes.

So far, however, this is not helping, and while ISIS continues to transit as much oil as it possibly can to Turkey where it is subsequently processed and sold to the rest of the world, Russia is making sure that as little of this oil survives and can be monetized, incidentally something the US military should have been doing from day one and paradoxically, something it has yet to do.

Here is a clip released by the Russian Ministry of Defense demonstrating the most severe attack yet by Russian fighter jets on a massive ISIS oil tanker convoy.

And just in case it is still unclear where these trucks are headed, here is another clip showing ISIS oil trucks crossing the Syrian-Turkish border.