This is the kind of stuff the government spends big money to study — how depressed social media makes young people.

Regardless, the National Institutes of Mental Health did find some interesting results in a recently completed study on the effects of social media on depression.

As we’ve all witnessed, you can’t go anywhere without seeing people buried in their phones as if they are literally merging with it (see video below). The trend is most noticeable with young adults; even the CEO of AMC Theaters is considering offering special auditoriums for millennials who can’t stop texting during movies because, “you can’t tell a 22-year-old to turn off their cellphone” as that would be like telling them “cut off your left arm above the elbow”.

Social media study depression mobile phone

However, according to the NIMH which surveyed 1,787 adults ages 19 to 32, there is a “strong and significant association between social media use and depression in a … sample of U.S. young adults.”

While everyone acts like they are “connecting” with each other because they hit a “like” button on a picture of their friend’s cat, the real truth is we are more disconnected than ever as a society and it is getting worse by the day. When virtual reality gets here, forget about it. We’ll all be living in the movie Surrogates with Bruce Willis or something.

So more and more young adults are spending more and more time on an online platform that knowingly causes major depression. Great. Society is socially engineering depressed zombies.

Meanwhile, the headline for this story just sounds like a good way for Big Pharma to rack up more antidepressant customers, no? It’s not like young adults are going to stop checking depressionbook every other two seconds just because research shows its literally giving them psychological problems.