Surfing legend Kelly Slater is interviewed by Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change, just days after being in the news for saving a woman and her baby from a huge wave in Hawaii that swept them away.

In this interview the surfing icon opens up about his views on various issues including politics, 9/11, the wars in the middle east, ISIS, Monsanto and GMOs.

Slater is now part of a growing number of celebrities speaking out about import issues facing our time.

Like many people, the 11-time world surfing champion began questioning things after 9/11 and is now someone actively seeking the truth. He stopped watching the mainstream media to follow the alternative media instead, to find out what is going on in the world.

His concerns on topics such as Monsanto and GMOs are close to home for the surfer who lives in Hawaii, a well known testing ground for Monsanto.

Enjoy this rare interview with Kelly Slater: