It was only two years ago that western governments were looking for excuses to go in and invade Syria in order to topple the former eye doctor and now President, Bashar al-Assad.

Obama sought congress approval to go in and take out Syrian army forces but was rejected. Whilst the UK parliament voted 285 to 272 not to attack Syria as Prime Minister David Cameron had wanted to do.

With no luck in removing the Syrian government an offshoot of al Qaeda was created called ISIS and moved into Syria to fight against Assad. To which we now know that ISIS was created as a proxy army to do the bidding for where the west was unable to go in overtly.

US General Wesley Clark exposed the plan to attack 7 countries in 5 years in an effort to steal oil and resources, yet somehow this is not referenced in the mainstream media.

United States Obama Assad Syria

Today we are seeing the effects of this covert war spill into other areas with the current refugee crisis.

The mainstream media is failing to inform people of how these refugees where created (by foreign intervention mainly the US bombing their country and its infrastructure), and is even trying to pin the blame on Russia for the refugee crisis and claiming Assad is helping ISIS, when the exact opposite is true.

The general public can see through this though, as trust in mainstream media is at all time lows and decreasing by the day.

WikiLeaks came out this week and exposed the US led plan to oust Assad that has been in the works for years.

As we now know that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan were based on lies and one of the main reasons for the invasion was to secure the oil for the likes of BP, Chevron and Exxon Mobil, whilst the military industrial complex profited, as is too often the case in these wars.

The situation in Syria is no different, due to it’s geographic location the oil conglomerates require pipelines to run through the country to which Assad will not allow.

This coincides with what, film maker and friend on Nicholas Rockefeller, Aaron Russo exposed in an interview before he passed away on how these wars would be used to destabilise the region and take control of the resources.

For further insight on the true cause of the refugee crisis watch with video: