2015 was a massive year for online gambling, with 2016 set to grow even larger!

Punters and gamblers alike are finding it easier to speculate and take a punt on various forms of gambling.

The US gambling market alone is estimated to be be worth north of $240 billion, with such intense competition in the US, now some are going online to Canadian portals.

Online gambling trends 2016

The market is spreading globally and there seems to be no end in sight as not only new people pile into the market but also existing users becoming more deeply involved in gambling through multiple outlets.

The latest trends in online gambling include:

Fantasy betting

With fantasy teams in sports like NFL, Soccer and Basketball becoming a multi-million dollar market you can expect services to offer more money as prizes and people to be able to set up pools to gamble between friends and people around the world.

Virtual currencies

Virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin and other crypto currencies are making it easier for people to trade online around the world and avoid fees in currency conversion.

Someone in the US wishing to place a bet in England can do so no with ease.

This will ensure online gambling sites have a more global audience.

Mobile gambling

With the mobile market rivalling the previous desktop space, apps for gambling will face a competitive market place.

Competitors will be forced to differentiate their services with unique offerings.

Multiple accounts

As the market becomes more and more competitive users will no longer stay loyal to one access pint for their gambling.

Users will have multiple accounts, some will suit a particular sport more than others and hence will be used depending on the offering.

Or for example an online casino may offer +10% winnings on a Monday, so users will use this portal on that day but may use other portals on the other days of the week.

Sports betting

Sports betting is a booming industry and will only grow as access to information through the internet exposes people to a wider range of sports.

Sports previously not considered to be gambling sports will now develop a market.


With it becoming easier for people to get online and setup websites, authorities are going to find it tough to police and enforce laws.

Taxing income made from gambling will become difficult and could be used to launder money.


The spread of the internet and online mobile usage is set to drive online gambling to the next level.

As technology advances it will become easier for people seeking to explore online punting to join the market.

Online gambling is a big market that is set to grow exponentially over the next few years.