MGGW 2 (2)Woo-hoo for Part Two!

Part Two is all about creating positive relationship momentum as quickly as possible, to get your relationship to where you want it to be as fast as it can.


Six episodes running for a total of 3 hours 22 minutes.

Episode 1: Introduction to Relationship Momentum

Episode 2 : +1 to Attraction

Episode 3: +1 to Relationship Comfort

Episode 4: The Earth-Moon Energy Dynamic

Episode 5: Initiations and Probable Sex

Episode 6: Positive Relationship Momentum


Both Part One and Two are now available, you can jump to them here…

The Married Guy’s Guide to Wife Part ONE.
The Married Guy’s Guide to Wife Part TWO.


$10 Off Code

There is currently a $10 off code for buying all five episodes in Part One.
The code is MARRIEDGUY.

There is currently a $10 off code for buying all six episodes in Part Two. The code is MARRIEDGUY.


$0.99 Rental for Episode One

Something else to note is that the rental is just $0.99 on Episode One


Free Stuff

There’s a couple of extra features you can watch for free on the Vimeo page of Part One. A 16 minute video about the progression of Primer –> MAP Book –> Married Guy’s Guide to Wife. There’s also a 7 minute preview of the entire series.


Vimeo hosting

Vimeo is the retailer and hosting the videos.

You will need to have a Vimeo membership to buy (or rent) the videos. Vimeo membership is free and signing up is a snap.

The Vimeo FAQ for buying is at


That’s about it, thanks in advance to everyone who buys and has supported us along the way.

…and we get to work on Part Three… almost right away. Stay tuned.


Married Guy’s Guide to Wife 2 – Creating Positive Relationship Momentum – Trailer from Athol Kay