Today on TODAY, actor Robert De Niro shared his candid thoughts on the movie Vaxxed, which was pulled from this year’s Tribeca film festival.

The festival was founded by he and Jane Rosenthal after the events of September 11th. De Niro is unapologetic and confident in his stance that the film should have been a part of the festival and pulls no punches in this unique interview.

Although the media keeps talking about the “controversy” surrounding this film, please recall that they and their headlines drummed it up with propagandist terms like “anti-vaxxer.” The media was given the term “anti-vaxxer” and it is now a societal meme that – just like covering viewers’ eyes from a “no-no” film – shuts down any meaningful conversation about vaccination, and especially the road to forced injections.

In this interview, De Niro is more uninhibited, saying “people need to see this film,” and the like. De Niro says he wants safe vaccines, saying that some people die from penicillin so why not look take a deeper look at vaccines?

De Niro’s son is autistic, and he alludes that his wife noticed a difference in their son after vaccination and he calls the autism-vaccine link complicated and says “there’s something there.” De Niro has joined the ranks of other actors demanding safe vaccines and fighting against forced injections such as Jim Carrey and Jenna Elfman.

De Niro even cuts Rosenthal off from deflecting from the film and focusing on a bittersweet film about a family with an autistic child, but De Niro is quick to say that topic is about the “result” – he wants to get to the cause of autism by “nobody wants to address that,” he says. He hints on regret for pulling the film and vaccine-push “hysteria.”

When the hosts regurgitated propaganda lines, De Niro countered them! No words would be placed in his mouth today on TODAY. “I want to know the truth,” he said.

Click here to see the trailer for ‘Vaxxed’.