World IT is one of the leading Melbourne website design and hosting companies in the online business space.

They are a proud Melbourne based IT company covering all aspects of online business from website design, hosting, branding, SEO, social media and graphic design.

The team at World IT specialise in getting small to medium businesses onto the web.

Designs can be made to suit any need or industry. So rest assured that no matter how niche your idea may be, that services will be catered to suit your needs.

Melbourne website design

They can build everything from contact forms, maps, online stores, graphs, logos, you name it.

With fast build times you can go from idea to a live site targeting potential customers within a few weeks.

Melbourne website design

All hosting and services are offered inside Australia, with the head office being in Melbourne.

Domain name registration is also handled by the team at World IT. They can help you secure your url that suits your market.

Social Media management is another service that is offered. Everyone knows that in the digital age that ‘word of mouth’ spreads even quicker these days through outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The team at World IT can set this all up for you, including the branding and headers, and even run it for you should you wish to choose this service.

Websites are built to be responsive and operate cross-platform, ensuring your site is accessible to people whether they are on their computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone. This means no business is lost.

Hosting prices are shaped to suit your individual needs.

Once your site is built the service does not end there. They are committed to providing ongoing support and help whenever you should need it. This is what separates the company apart from its competition. They do not charge for minor changes and are always willing to help train you so that you learn how to run your site should you want to.

Contact the team at World IT today to get your business online.