Despite the White House’s extreme efforts to deactivate, censor and bury a petition calling for ban on medical coercion via mandatory vaccines, the health freedom community achieved a stunning victory today by reaching 100,000 signatures on this petition.

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The final surge of 15,000 registrations came today, primarily from Natural News readers and health freedom advocates who also forced Jimmy Kimmel to publicly respond to accusations that he thinks handicapped children who were permanently brain damaged by vaccines are a laughing matter to be used as the butt of his jokes attacking “anti-vaxxers.”

Despite every effort of the pharma-controlled White House and mainstream media to disparage, verbally abuse and bully Americans who believe in fundamental human rights and medical choice, a growing number of people everywhere are voicing their opposition to government violations of their own bodies.

Americans believe in CHOICE, not medical tyranny, and as a result of the barrage of petition signatures at the petition, even the wholly dishonest petition site which commits blatant petition fraud still could not stop the wave of American voices demanding their human right of medical choice.

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